An interview with senior models: My senior spokesmodels chat on the Seniorologie podcast about their experience on the LKP team

Episode #5 – An Interview with Senior Models

Ever wonder what Seniors like or don’t like about a senior model program?  Wonder why they want to be a part of it versus just having their senior photos taken?  What advice they would give photographers trying to start a model program?  Well now you can! Take a listen to our interview with senior models. Learn from two of my spokesmodels and apply what they have to say to your own senior model program! It’s going to be a lot of fun!

What our Interview is all about…

In Episode #5 of The Seniorologie Podcast, I sat down with two of my current Class of 2019 Senior Models from my LKP Model Team. During our chat, we talked about why they like being senior models, what they have learned from the experience and what they would suggest to other photographers.  Getting these questions answered from actual models is priceless for other photographers!

Let’s face it teens are super honest!  So whether you want to know it or not, they are going to tell you what they think!  Lexi and Hannah answered my questions honestly and really had some great insight to what teens think of model programs.  They not only shared what they like about it but what they think other seniors like about being a part of a group.

Highlights from Episode 5:

  • Keep It Simple – Hannah and Lexi both said that senior model programs don’t need to be hard!  Their suggestion to photographers out there is to keep it simple.  Teens don’t want anything complicated!
  • Group Shoots & Individual Shoots – These models shared how they really love both as a part of the model program!  They love the group shoots because they are different and they push themselves out of their comfort zone all while giving them the opportunity to bond with other models.  But they love their individual shoot too because that is all about them!
  • Don’t Force It – Both girls in this interview talk about how they don’t like to be forced to do anything.  They want a great experience that they love to share about not a photographer who is constantly forcing them to do this or do that!
  • Builds Confidence – One of the things both of these girls shared that they learned the most out of being a part of the LKP Model Team is CONFIDENCE!  They both said that participating in the shoots and having a photographer who shows them what to do and makes them feel good and comfortable in front of the camera has given them confidence they would not have had otherwise.

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An interview with senior models: My senior spokesmodels chat on the Seniorologie podcast about their experience on the LKP team

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An interview with senior models: My senior spokesmodels chat on the Seniorologie podcast about their experience on the LKP team

The Seniorologie Podcast Episode 5 – Interview with Senior Models


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