the seniorologie semester six month coaching program for high school senior photographers

Today’s episode is a little different because it is an interview of one of my Seniorologie Semester students, Sandi of Sandi Michelle Photography. Sandi enrolled in the first round of The Seniorologie Semester and to say her business underwent a transformation is an understatement! Because Sandi was ready to work and took the program seriously, she was able to make massive changes in her business.

Sandi revamped her website, learned to speak more directly to her ideal client, and switched to an in person sales (IPS) model. Most importantly, she told me that several clients have commented, “I feel so taken care of through this process” with her new system in place. So today, Sandi is sharing how she has fast tracked her business with this program. She also shares how she would never be where she is now without it… which I LOVE hearing! Make sure you tune into hear everything about her story!!! I’m just SO proud of you, Sandi!

What is the Seniorologie Semester?

Curious about the program that helped Sandi achieve these massive changes in her business? The doors officially open to this program November 18 and I am so excited to meet the photographers that join! So let me tell you a little bit more about what the Seniorologie Semester is! It’s a 6 month business coaching program specifically (and only for) senior photographers. I guide you through every step of running a successful senior photography business and share my years of knowledge with you. That means you get six online workshops on different topics to help you in your senior photography business. We meet once a month via zoom on a group call. I’ll teach an entire workshop on pricing, branding, model teams, marketing, social media and more!

On top of that, you get every template that I use in my own business so you don’t have to worry about designing and creating them. Some of the templates include a what to wear magazine, senior prep guide, senior inquiry magazine, email scripts, phone scripts, questionnaires, workflow, and even marketing plans. If I use it in my business, you get it!!

Here are the modules:

  • Cultivating a Brand that Attracts Teens
  • Clients Systems and Workflow
  • The Senior Client Experience from Inquiry to Delivery and Beyond
  • Pricing for Profit and In Person Sales
  • Social Media – How to use it the right way for your business
  • Marketing – Blogging, Pinterest, Email, SEO and More
  • Building a Successful Senior Model Team

For 6 months, I hold your hand, guide you and push you when needed to make real changes that take your business to the next level! You get all access to me for the entire six months via Voxer so you can ask me questions literally any time! You also get 2 one on one coaching calls that allow us to dive deep into your specific business, struggles, and more. And you get a supportive community through this group of photographers who are there for each other via a private FB community where we share wins, cheer each other on and ask questions!

And the best part?!?! At the end of the semester, you ALSO get an in person retreat with accommodations and food included! We will meet in person in Charleston, SC for two days to learn even more together and participate in a completely styled senior photo shoot and branding shoot for the attendees.

If you are ready to make 2022 the year you finally take action and create a successful senior photography business, then this program is for you! The Semester opens for enrollment November 18 but you can apply now RIGHT HERE!! And if you enroll by Dec 1, you will receive a $500 discount on the price.

PS. If you have questions or want to learn a little more, book a discovery call with me to chat about how I can help you in your business! Click below and schedule a time!

And if you want to learn my EXACT model team launch plan and get a sneak peek inside the semester, grab a seat to my FREE MASTERCLASS HERE!!

Seniorologie Semester Student Interview on the Seniorologie Podcast: highlighting the success story of coaching graduate. Apply today for the next round! Seniorologie Semester Student Interview on the Seniorologie Podcast: highlighting the success story of coaching graduate. Apply today for the next round!

Ep. 63 – Interview with Semester Student: Student Spotlight on Sandi


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