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This time of year always makes me feel extra thankful. Thanksgiving is coming up quickly and I know that I’m thankful for my family, our friends, my business, and my incredible clients. Especially my clients. Without them, I wouldn’t be in business – and I know I’m not the only photographer who feels that way. So today, I’m sharing a few easy ways to show appreciation to your clients this year! Client appreciation is one of those things that really shows that you go the extra mile for your clients. Things like this are what you want people talking about – it helps you and your business. But beyond that, it just feels good to know you’re thanking the people making everything possible. Remember, these little things don’t have to be expensive tangible things. Let’s dive into a few ideas for your clients this holiday season!

How can you show your clients your appreciation?

Above anything else, make your clients feel well taken care of through the entire senior portrait experience. From the moment they inquire with you, to the order and even beyond, you want to always make sure you are treating each and every client well. If you want to learn more about a great client experience, check out Episode 35 HERE.

Communication matters.

One of the easiest ways you can show your client appreciation is communication! Make sure you are communicating and providing information to them throughout the entire process so they feel well taken care of. One of the things I learned early on in my business was just telling a client the date, time and where to show up was not enough. If seniors don’t have information, they get anxious and worried. They wind up with a lot of questions and that’s no fun for anyone. Instead, by thinking ahead and over communicating how to prepare, what the plan is, and your process, you’re giving your clients confidence. It’s as simple as having a guide to share and sending a reminder text the day before (along with your excitement!). But, communication doesn’t end there. Take the time to ask your clients what they want out of their session – and ACTUALLY listen. Trust me, it goes a long way if you take care of your clients.

Come to your session prepared to take care of your senior!

Another easy way to show you truly care is to come to your session prepared for your senior. Bring a bottle of water, a small snack or some candy for the session. You can ask them in their questionnaire beforehand what kind of treats they like – then it’s easy to bring something that’s their favorite! You can take this even further and bring a gift bag with some branded items such as a t-shirt or water bottle. Be mindful of the cost of branded items- but again, this little gesture will go a long way.

Share a sneak peek on Instagram.

After the shoot, show your appreciation by saying thank you and then surprising them with a sneak peek on your Instagram! They will be so excited to see the photos and will share any photos you post. This small gesture will make them feel appreciated because you took the time to edit a few photos and share them! Speaking of Instagram, another great way to show your appreciation is an appreciation post! Create a post on social media that shows photos of your clients and write a caption explaining your appreciation for each of them. A great time to do this is at the end of a senior year, sharing the photos from senior sessions you did that year!

A gift for your clients.

Of course, an easy way to send show your appreciation is to send a gift. Consider a holiday gift, like an ornament or something at the end of the year as a graduation gift. A graduation gift can be something like a small print from their shoot or a few thank you cards with a photo from their shoot. Let’s face it, graduates will be sending out tons of thank you cards! And of course, gift cards to Starbucks or something like that will always go over well too! Consider building in the cost of a gift to your session fee so you aren’t “losing” money by thanking your clients this way!

Thank the parents, too!

Remember, the seniors are our clients but so are their parents. Taking time to thank the parents you’re working with will go a long way, too! At the end the school year, consider sending your parents a slideshow of the photos you took – or a custom app.  The end of the year as in graduation time is when parents are feeling especially nostalgic and surprising them with something that helps them remember their child’s senior year is such a treat!! It’s a sweet little gift that’s not a lot of extra work for you.

A good old-fashioned thank you note.

The last way to say thank you is to write an actual thank you note! At the end of your session or ordering appointments, have a thank you note ready for your senior and their family. Thank them from the heart! It’s easy to write out how much we appreciate them choosing us to capture their special moments. This simple act of kindness will be such a great way to show your clients your appreciation.

All of these great ways to show your appreciation will not only let your clients know how much you genuinely appreciate them but it will also have an effect on your business. The next time someone says they need a photographer, your clients will gush to them how much they loved their photographer because you took the time to share how important they are to you. That little bit of a thank you is truly priceless!!

How to Show Appreciation to Your Clients: tips for senior portrait photographers to show client appreciation shared on the Seniorologie Podcast

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How to Show Appreciation to Your Clients: tips for senior portrait photographers to show client appreciation shared on the Seniorologie Podcast

Ep. 64: How to Show Appreciation to Your Clients


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