Whether you are a high school senior or a photographer taking photos of a high school senior, being able to visualize what you want for the photos is a must!  And the wardrobe is a huge part of that.  Figuring out the personality of the senior and being able to showcase that through the photos is what makes the photos unique for that senior.

One way to do that is to find out what kind of girl or guy that senior is….

Is she a Vintage Girl?

Is he a Music Guy?

Is she Sweet and Girly?

Is he the ultimate Sports Guy?

There are many types of personalities and finding out what your client loves will help tell their story through photos.  By dressing in a way that shows off that personality type, both the senior and the photographer can capture part of who the senior is and the senior will feel comfortable and confident.  Wardrobe can be a big help in telling the story!

There are two tools that will help with the wardrobe aspect of this…Pinterest and Polyvore.  I love both of these tools for the way they help me and my client visualize what the shoot will be like.  After a pre-session consultation and questionnaire, I have a pretty good idea of what someone is like and almost every senior asks…”What should I wear?”  By using boards on Pinterest and pinning things I think the senior will like or creating a board on Polyvore with Fashions that I think fit the seniors personality, I am able to give the senior a visual.  They can then go through their closet and pull together pieces that they fill are similar to the boards I have shown them.  They always love this and it helps them not to have to start from scratch.  Giving them ideas of what to wear really gets them excited about what they are going to wear instead of stressed out over what they should wear.  After that, they usually text me photos of their version of what I suggested and it always looks great and shows off their personality!!

Today’s Fashion Friday is taking a type of girl and personifying it into photos….The Surfer Girl.  This idea is something I have always wanted to photograph for either a client or a concept shoot.  I imagine a group of girls and guys hanging out at the beach during the day, surfing and having a great time.  When it turns a bit cooler as the sun starts to go down, summer sweaters are used to keep warm and a whole new look is born.  If you live near the beach (or even a lake that has a sandy area), go out and photographer this awesome scene.  Or if you find a senior who has a passion for surfing or loves to be at the beach, use that to show off who that senior is in their photos!


Surfer Girl

Fashion Friday – {Surfer Girl}


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