Gift Guide for Photographers

It’s almost Christmas which means you may be thinking about all the gifts you have to buy for others.  But what about the gifts you may want to buy yourself??  Or maybe the list you want to give anyone else buying you a gift?  As a senior photographer, there are a few things that I love to use in my business that would make the best gifts for any senior photographer.  So I put together a list of must have gift ideas specifically for the senior photographer!

gift guide for senior photographers

  1.  Pivot Pod Lite – this is the best thing for getting those behind the scenes videos when you don’t have an intern or someone on the shoot with you!  Simply place your phone on this holder and it will follow you taking video of you photographing your senior clients!
  2. New Balance Tennis Shoes – these are seriously the most comfortable shoes to wear to a shoot!!  and they are stylish and cute!  With a retro vibe, they are in style while also being easy to walk in especially to all those locations for a senior photoshoot!
  3. Fotostrap Camera Strap – my absolute favorite strap for my camera!  This strap comes in a variety of colors and styles but my favorite is the skinny leather strap!  It can be customized with your logo or photography business name too!
  4. Fanny Pack – this is such a great item to have on a shoot if you don’t want to lug around your big camera bag!  You can fit your lens caps, keys, phone and more in this small bag and be able to move freely to take all those awesome pics of your clients without being weighed down by a large camera bag.  I like to keep it simple and not take a ton on shoots and this is perfect for the few things I do need to take!
  5. Portable Speaker – this is a great portable speaker to clip to your camera bag so you can play music for your senior client!  Playing music is a great way to loosen up your client as well as give them a fun, memorable experience!
  6. Branded Sweatshirt – I love wearing my brand because it is a great way to market to others!  So branded sweatshirts are a fave of mine during the winter months!  You can customize your own sweatshirt with your logo and get a few to give to clients as gifts!

Gift Guide For Senior Photographers


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