Most of the time our jobs are one-on-one.  As senior photographers, we are most often photographing one senior at a time.  But sometimes we have the opportunity to photograph sisters or twins or best friends or siblings or small groups of our models.  So when it comes to posing two seniors, how do you do it?

My biggest tip when it comes to photographing more than one senior, whether that is two or three or more, is to have the seniors touch somehow.  That could be holding hands or it could mean just touching shoulders but by touching it shows connectivity between the seniors which looks great on camera and showcases the relationship between the two seniors.

In this week’s video, I grabbed two of my senior models and we went through my go-to poses for two seniors in two different locations!  You will see the behind the scenes of me posing them as well as the final photos so you can see what the poses look like in photos!

I hope you like this week’s video and if so, give it a thumbs up on youtube!  If you have questions regarding posing two seniors, comment on the video or send me a DM or email (  And as always I would love to see your photos using these poses!  So post a photo, tag @seniorologie or send me the photo in the DM’s and I will feature you on my story!!

How to Pose Two Seniors


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