Locations can make or break a senior session.  So making sure you are picking the right ones are very important.  And when it comes to urban locations, you know the ones where you are in a city or town and there are cool buildings, cars, people, etc, there are a few tips that will help you make sure to have a successful urban senior photo shoot.

So in today’s video, I am giving you my tried and true tips for urban photo shoots as well as taking you on a little field trip as I walk one of my mini pocket urban locations!  What do I mean by mini pocket urban location?  Well if you live near a city, there are probably several options of shooting which can mean getting in the car several times, trying to find parking several times and less time actually shooting because you are trying to hit every single cool urban spot.  So for me, I break my urban locations into mini locations which are about a 1-2 block radius and shoot in that location for a senior shoot.  This allows us to park one time and walk around the block to hit several spots, getting lots of variety, but not spending tons of time going all over the city.  Depending on your senior session, you could visit one or two of these mini pocket locations for a session or you can hit one and then head to a field for a completely different look.

Thanks for watching this Youtube video and I would love to hear what you think!!  If you like this video, take a screen shot and share it on Instagram, tagging Seniorologie and I will feature you on the story!!  And please let me know your thoughts on the video or send me your questions because I would love to hear from you!!


Urban Location Scouting for Senior Photo Sessions


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