We are constantly asked about posing.  What are the best senior poses?  How do you add variety into posing on a senior session?  So Brittney Kluse and I teamed up together to bring you our first Seniorologie Posing Guide to help you pose your seniors perfectly!!

This Posing Guide pulls together the best of both mine and Brittney’s posing techniques into one guide aimed at helping senior photographers capture their clients.  We created a guide that not only gives you 30 specific poses that we both use, but we also pulled together tons of information to help you understand posing, shooting and more.

There is so much more than place your hand here and turn your head there.  We wanted to give you tips on how to get the best out of your clients as well as information about location, timeline and composition because all of these affect posing.

Do you struggle keeping on track during a session?  Do you spend more time on that first outfit than you do the rest?  Timing is everything when it comes to a senior session.  Your time is money and we show you how to maximize your time on each shoot with three different shoot timelines.  Keeping yourself on track will ensure that you get the most out of your time while providing a great experience for your clients.  But it will also make sure that you do not exceed what you are being paid for!

In addition to the posing guide, Brittney has put together a BONUS PDF on Composition.  Rules are made to be broken however certain composition guidelines will ensure that you are giving your clients the best possible photos.  Brittney shares different techniques such as sandwiching, leading lines, rule of thirds, vanishing point and so much more.  She also gives you tips on how you can use your environment and look at locations differently in order to achieve the best results.

Our posing guide is the perfect gift to give yourself this Christmas!  Get out of the rut of doing the same old poses, add some new flair to your sessions and make sure you are giving your clients the best session possible with this Posing Guide!

For a limited time, the posing guide is at the Introductory rate of $49!  After 48 hours, the price is $99.  Don’t miss out on this deal!!  Download the Seniorologie Posing Guide today!

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Introducing the Seniorologie Posing Guide with Brittney Kluse & Leslie Kerrigan


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