We’re featuring another podcast rewind this week! It’s been really fun to throwback to some of our older episodes and highlight some of my favorite tips. This week, we’re talking allll about tips for posing senior guys. A lot of times, it can feel like we’re only focusing on the ladies when we talk about posing tips. But we don’t want to forget the guys! So here’s my top tips when it comes to posing for your senior guys! 

Talk to them!

Make an effort to chat with your senior guys both before and after your session. You might be surprised at how much input they’ll give you. During the shoot, no matter who your client is, you should be chatting with your senior. Encourage them and remind them they’re doing the poses right so they feel more comfortable and at ease. It’s a great time to get to know your seniors better, too! 

Make your poses masculine. 

As a woman myself, I have to make sure that I don’t do poses that would be natural to me but instead make the poses much more masculine.  In general, girls want to have some curve but with guys you want to keep it more straight, showing off the broad shoulders and chest! Just be mindful when you’re suggesting your poses. 

Include props.

I love including props with my senior guys! It’s a great time to show off their hobbies, sports interests, or achievements. If they want to bring a prop, I can guarantee they’ll be more comfortable from the start. Try to capture their natural movements with whatever hobby or prop they are incorporating.

Work quickly.

In my experience, the guys don’t really want to be in a session longer than they really have to be. So work quickly and don’t keep them any longer than necessary. They’ll like you a lot more if you can make it a super fast and painless experience. 

If you still want more posing tips for your senior guys, be sure to download my free posing guide for guys HERE! Make sure to check out the full original podcast about posing for them, too. 

Tips for Posing Senior Guys: podcast rewind featuring tips for posing senior guys on the Seniorologie Podcast by Leslie Kerrigan

Need help with posing?

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Tips for Posing Senior Guys: podcast rewind featuring tips for posing senior guys on the Seniorologie Podcast by Leslie Kerrigan

Podcast Rewind: Tips for Posing Senior Guys


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