This topic has been covered many times on this blog but up until now, not by me.  It’s one of those things that you think won’t happen to you.  The dreaded computer CRASH!  But, indeed, it happened to me this week!

Truth time – Running a business can be hard.  Some days are good and others are bad!  And this week was one of the bad ones.  But the other day, I took my boys to baseball camp and the coach shared some life lessons with the boys before they began the camp.  One of those was the definition of resilient…according to the coach it is how you bounce back.  He shared a story of a young player he met early in his career of coaching.  This kid wanted to make the team so bad.  He did everything right.  Tried his hardest.  Yet, when it came time to make the team, he just wasn’t the best.  So he didn’t make it and the coach had to tell him that he didn’t make it.  The kid looked the coach in the eye and simply said, “I will make it next year!”

The next year came and the same thing happened.  He tried his best, worked the hardest but yet was still not one of the best.  Again, the coach had to tell him he didn’t make the team and again, the kid simply said…”I will make it next year!”

The third year came around and finally it came down between this kid and one other.  But the other kid didn’t do the work, hadn’t tried as hard as this kid so finally the coach was able to say, “You made it!”

Resilience is what this kid showed.  He didn’t get down and let it get to him that he didn’t make the team.  He simply kept trying.  Kind of like Rudy in that football movie.  I tell you this because some days are not going to go your way when it comes to business.  Some days are going to be hard.  Maybe you didn’t get the booking you were hoping for or maybe the sale wasn’t as big as you had hoped.  Maybe your reps aren’t doing their jobs or maybe your computer crashes (I hope not!).  The point is how you keep going or how you bounce back.

The worst thing I thought would happen did – my computer crashed.  I lost photos (thank god none of my clients photos that haven’t already been delivered), actions, templates that I purchased and many other things.  Things I honestly don’t know that I have lost until I go to try to find them and discover they aren’t there.  But I am going to keep going.  I am going to put a new system in place since the one I had failed.  I am going to back up my back up.  And I am going to keep on going!

Sometimes reading things like this don’t stick with you, thinking that maybe it won’t happen to you.  However, I want two things to stick to you from this post…

1.  Be Resilient!  Bounce Back if things get hard or if things don’t go your way!  Keep trying and work hard!

2.  Create a back up system and check that system to make sure it is working for you!  I had time machine set up on my mac thinking it was backing up automatically and it turns out it wasn’t!  I just assumed because I set it up, it was doing its job.  Now I have several systems in place…Time Machine, Mac Time Capsule and many, many external hard drives!  Make backing up a part of your workflow.  After every session or every purchase or every creation of a marketing material, take the time to move those items to an external hard drive.  And maybe even have a back up of that external hard drive.  Trust me, it might be a little more work but well worth it in the event your computer fails.



Seniorologie 101 – {Back It Up!}


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