Wow, what a week!  First my computer crashed and today my internet wasn’t working until just now!  So sorry for the delay in getting this post up!!  Word of advice, make sure you BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER!!  It’s a hard lesson I learned this week and hope I can prevent you guys from having to learn it the hard way.

Typically, I have an external hard drive plug in to my computer and set up for time machine but somehow (or someone!) unplugged the hard drive and I didn’t realize it.  So when my computer crashed I didn’t have a recent back up!  So, please, please, please back up and back up your back up!!

Now, onto happier things…Seniorologie Spotlight of the Week!! 🙂

Happy Saturday everyone!!  Each week, we love seeing your images on our Facebook page!  Keep up the great work and keep posting your favorite Senior Image from a recent senior photo session on our wall (sized to 740 px wide) with your business name.  We pick the top three from the week and highlight those three in a post on Saturdays.  The winner for the week becomes our Seniorologie Spotlight Image of the Week and is showcased as Seniorologie’s Facebook Timeline Cover for the week.

Check out this week’s top three images and be sure to check our Facebook page Sunday to see which of these three is our Seniorologie Spotlight of the Week!

This week’s top three are Urban Willow Photography, Jamie Rubeis Photography and Julisa Haines Photography.

Seniorologie Spotlight – {Share Your Image Saturday}


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