Today I wanted to share some behind the scenes photos from our Shoot Out in Vegas.  I love showing these because you can see a little bit more about the experience of our shoot outs.

For those of you wondering what is a shoot out?   It is an organized photo shoot event hosted by Seniorologie to give photographers a chance to build their portfolio while gaining hands-on learning through photographing seniors.  Shoot Outs are the perfect place to gain experience, knowledge and beautiful photos to show off your work.  Without the stress of a paying client, a Shoot Out allows you to experiment and try new things.  It allows you the opportunity to shoot styled sessions without having to style them yourself!  At our Shoot Outs, we take care of everything.  Find the models, style them, hire a professional hair and makeup artist, find the perfect location, props and more while giving attendees a small group environment for shooting.  And if that is not enough to make you want to join us on a shoot out, you can check out these photos below and see how much fun we are having!!

The Vegas Shoot Out was so much fun and we had the perfect location to photograph our amazing models.  Brittney Kluse of Brittney Kluse Photography helped Seniorologie pull together an amazing shoot out.  We also had the amazingly talented Misti Davis of Pink Fly Photography and Jamie Rubeis of Jamie Rubeis Photography help lead our shooting groups and give tips and tricks to help our attendees.  And this shoot out would not have been possible without the help of my local photographer, Alissa Esposito of Alissa Esposito Photography.  We all worked together to pull off a wonderful shoot out but more importantly a day of fun!!!

Photos taken by Andrea Turner, Misti Davis, Sarah Kossuch



Seniorologie Shoot Out – {Behind the Scenes}

  1. Lisa McCully says:

    Looks like a great time!! I have to do this the next time!

  2. These are great, I love behind the scenes shots!

  3. Totally begging my husband to let me attend one of these, this looks like a blast and you can’t get a better place than Vegas!!!!

heck, yes i do!

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