The Seniorologie Study Hall is an online classroom that offers classes about senior portrait photography!  We have had some wonderful classes and wonderful speakers, and the latest one to hit the Study Hall is going to be AMAZING!!

Announcing The Perfect Edit with Sarah Modene of Sarah Modene Photography!  This class is a step-by-step instructional class that will teach you how to create the perfect image with clean and polished editing.  Sarah will guide you through how she edits via video tutorials and a PDF guide as well as finish the class with a LIVE webinar where you can ask Sarah questions and get answers that you can incorporate into your editing workflow.

Check out Sarah’s before and after’s below and scroll down to the bottom for more information about the class and how you can register!

“I am beyond excited to be teaching my first class with Seniorologie, and even more pumped that it’s on one of my favorite topics: creating beautiful edits in Photoshop for your Senior portraits! In this class, I will show you how I start with an image straight out of my camera and transform it into a clean, classic, and colorful edit. My editing style is a big hit with my Senior clients as I keep things natural, but also like to add a subtle editorial feel. The list of everything I’m going to cover in this class is pretty extensive: from making eyes pop to smoothing skin, from contouring and using curves adjustment layers to add drama, to creating stunning black and white edits! Basically, you’ll be learning all of my editing secrets–so get excited, and I’ll see you in class!” – Sarah Modene

What You Will Learn from this Class:

  • A good foundation with in-camera custom white balance
  • How to use Adobe Camera Raw to make easy corrections
  • How to correct skin tone with curves adjustment layers
  • How to use Portraiture for natural skin smoothing
  • How to create pops of color and drama with curves adjustment layer
  • How to create vignettes, haze and vintage effects
  • How to make eyes pop, contour face and add drama
  • How to clean up your image:  stray hairs, blemishes, dark circles

What is included in this Class:

  • FOUR video tutorials including Custom White Balance and ACR, Skin:  Smoothing, Cleaning and Color Correction, Curves:  Color and B&W Edits, and Enhancements:  Eyes, Contouring and Vintage Effects
  • PDF Guide with Sarah’s Editing Tips
  • LIVE Webinar for a Q&A with Sarah to help answer YOUR editing questions
  • Private FB group to continue sharing and learning with each other where you can post before and afters for constructive critique, ask questions and support one another

This Class is OPEN for Registration beginning today for an introductory rate of $99!!  This rate is valid until February 27, when it will increase to $149.  Class materials will be available for download March 11-17 and the LIVE Webinar will be held on March 18 at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time.

To register for this class, click here.

Seniorologie Study Hall – {New Class}

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