Our newest Seniorologie Study Hall Class is LIVE!!  Do you need help with pricing, how much to charge, what products to offer and how to do in-person ordering sessions?  Sales and pricing is one of the most popular topics we get questions about and we are giving you the chance to learn everything you want to know about pricing your business with confidence!!

Courtney DeLaura, speaker at all the Seniorologie Tours and owner of Get Schooled Photo, is teaming up with Seniorologie to bring you her Get Sales Academy Course online!  Check out the information from Courtney below and find out how you can sign up today!!

The Get Sales Academy is a 2-week online sales and pricing training course.

Introductory tuition starts today $99.00 – Register here!

Price goes up to $149.00 after September 23 so register soon!!

Your ticket to 2 weeks of digging deep into all your pricing woes.  Join me for a 2-week online, interactive, pricing and sales crash course! When we are done, you will easily bring in profits that make you feel valued, unlike the typical feeling of being either under appreciated or greedy.

Learn how to reach the perfect price point that is a true happy medium for both you and your clients.  Rest assured I will NOT ever utter the phrase ”charge what you are worth”!

Lets face it self-worth attached to money never turns out pretty.  Logical, equation-based pricing will give you the confidence to demand that your clients respect your prices because they will be fair and profitable!

I will not tell you what your prices should be.  But I will guide you every step of the way in how you can determine exactly what your prices should be all on your own.  No more copy-cat pricing! No more wondering how profitable your 5×7 print truly is! Get Sales Academy will outline all you need to know about pricing and in-person sales. No need for fancy equipment! You absolutely can triple your sales averages with simple 5×7 prints and a coffee shop!

Every genre of photography will benefit from Get Sales Academy brought to you by Get Schooled Photo and Seniorologie. Family Photographer, Senior Portrait Photographer, Newborns, or Commercial Photographers will benefit from this class. Perfect for anyone wanting to either evaluate his or her current pricing structure or for the brand new photographer wanting to utilized a new time-based pricing for profitability model.  Long gone are the days of simply multiplying your COG by Five!

Get Sales Academy Includes:

  • Educational Videos; 20 minute In-person sales appointment training, Pricing for Profitability Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3  & The Sales Language
  • 2 live Q&A sessions
  • Pricing and In-person sales PDF guide which includes; interactive discovery sheets to help you reach pricing nirvana
  • Audio Files of Client Interactions
  • Pricing Menu InDesign & PSD File, customize with your branding
  • PSD & InDesign Order Forms


  1. FIRST 25 STUDENTS TO REGISTER WILL RECEIVE BONUS #1 – Courtney will personally evaluate your pricing menu after the completion of the course.
  2. EVERY REGISTERED STUDENT WILL RECEIVE BONUS #2 – PDF step by step guide to set up Apple TV with your ipad/computer for in-person viewing.

Testimonials :

“Courtney really rocked my business world. She is firm and commanding but she gave me freedom to think in a new way. Lots of people say “charge what your worth” that thought process has never worked for me. Its too personal, especially when its about your art. Courtney has a different approach that makes more sense and she drove home the importance of making a living, while being with your family and not burning out! She is like meeting with a financial advisor that is an artist, a mom and a wife! I walked away ready to make a living and do what I love. Courtney empowers you to make your passion your business and gives you the verbal, finical and psychological tools to do so… She was my kick in the pants to success in my business!”  Carmen Evans – Texas

“I learned so much about in person sales from Courtney. To be honest, this type of sales scares me to death, but she walked us through an entire sales meeting, saying exactly what she would say to clients. This gave me so much confidence and now I’m excited to walk into an in person sales meeting. She was also so open and honest with all of her business strategies and answered any questions we had. To top it off, she is warm and hilarious and keeps you entertained while you are absorbing all of this valuable information.” Tricia Bulmer – California

“Oh my goodness! In-person ordering is the way to go!!!! I just sold my biggest collection (no discounts)!!! Yippee….so easy…so much better….so much more personal! Makes you feel so much more valued for your work! No more nitpicking images to death with online proofing until they don’t buy…Yeah! Thank you Courtney DeLaura! So thankful for sharing your experiences with us and encouraging us to go for it! So excited!” Carol Jean Strawn

“I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend the California Seniorologie Tour with Courtney DeLaura as one of the speakers.  She is amazing!  Not only is she a wealth of information, she is so much fun to listen to!  I came home with a notebook full of great ideas to incorporate into my business.  Watching Courtney photograph the models was also an inspiration and learning experience.  I highly recommend taking a workshop with Courtney.  I can’t wait for another opportunity to listen to Courtney speak!”  Kim T.

“I had the privilege of meeting Courtney and hearing her speak at the recent Seniorologie Tour in California. She was such a blast! She shared a ton of insightful and valuable information, welcomed questions, giving answers from her own experience, and made me laugh so much along the way. Who knew talking about pricing could be so much fun? She went above and beyond, offering extra resource materials and access to teaching videos. She genuinely cared. She offered herself as an open book, holding nothing back, sharing all the tools she had with us for our own success. Did I mention how much fun she was? Thanks Courtney, for everything!”  Hope B.

Study Hall Class – {Get Sales Academy}


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