We all know the power of social media when it comes to finding new clients and keeping up our reputation with old ones. But sometimes, it can feel a little awkward when it comes time to actually connect with a new potential client. Not anymore! I’ve got 5 conversation starters to help you connect with clients on Instagram comfortably and confidently! We’ll cover practical conversation starters, how to utilize polls on your stories effectively, and ways to initiate conversations in the DMs. Let’s dive into 5 conversation starters to connect with clients on Instagram. 

5 Conversation Starters to Connect with Clients on Instagram

The Power of Social Media

Before we dive into our five conversation starters, let’s set the stage for why these interactions are so crucial for your business. In the digital age, Instagram is a prime platform for reaching high school seniors and their parents. Almost everyone is on Instagram these days, especially the seniors themselves. Having a beautiful and branded Instagram account is certainly important, but it’s what we do with that account that matters the most. Now, let’s get into the good stuff.

Conversation Starter #1

Okay friends, let’s start with a warm and welcoming approach in our first conversation starter. 

After all, our goal when reaching out to potential new clients is to set the stage for what it might feel like to work with us! We want to make sure we come off as friendly, kind, professional, and like the expert in our field. Consider using this message, or something similar, when you reach out to a new follower via a comment or even a DM: 

“Hey [Follower’s Name], I noticed you’re following my senior photography journey. It’s great to have you here! Do you have any questions or ideas for senior photos you’d like to share? I love to hear what seniors in the area are looking for in their own photos this year!” This is a great way to open the door with a potential client, show them how much you value their opinion, and make a connection! 

Conversation Starter #2

Conversation starter #2 is all about IG stories! If you aren’t being active in your Instagram stories yet, start now! Stories are one of the best places to have genuine and natural interactions with your audience. It is also a great place to really showcase yourself, your personality, and what it is like to work with you! One feature that I personally love in stories is the poll feature! Sometimes it can feel awkward to put yourself in front of the camera and out there on stories for everyone to see. If you are new to using stories, taking advantage of the fun features they offer, like polls, is a great way to ease in. 

Consider using this story poll idea this week, and see how much engagement you receive! Create a poll with the following text: “Which location do you think is perfect for a senior photoshoot?” Make the options to vote the following: A) Beach, B) Urban Setting, C) Park, D) Other (tell me where!) This not only engages your audience but provides insights into their preferences. You can use their feedback to see who is interested in senior shoots, and what your potential clients might prefer. Maybe even send out some follow-up messages to those who interact with the poll! 

Conversation Starter #3

Our 3rd conversation starter involves another great IG story prompt to engage your audience. 

Instagram’s ‘Ask Me a Question’ feature can be a great way to spark meaningful discussions, with little effort on your end. Jump into your IG stories and set up a question box! Encourage your followers to ask you anything about senior photography, your career, experience, or even your personal life! 

Use this verbiage with your question box: “Ask me anything about senior photos, photography tips, or my journey. I’m here to help!” Watch the questions pop into your DM’s, and be sure to answer back to them on your stories, so everyone can see! This is such a great way to show your expertise and experience to your audience, and really set yourself up for success. It’s also a great way to get to know those who follow you! You might even find an opportunity to send someone your website or booking page based on their questions! 

Conversation Started #4

Alright, let’s dive into conversation starter #4, and this one just might be the most fun! Host a giveaway or contest! Hosting a contest or giveaway can be an exciting way to connect with your audience. It allows you to share some love with those who follow you, establish yourself as a reliable person and an established business, and even gain new followers! Whenever I do a giveaway post, I always make sure to set up the requirements to enter to be things that will help generate more engagement. For example, I might say something like, “To enter, like, and save this post, and tag 3 friends in the comments. For a bonus entry, share this post to your IG stories!” 

These quick steps are easy for those who want to enter, and help you get more engagement and exposure! It’s a win-win for everyone. Some ideas for a giveaway could be a gift card, a discount on a senior session, an extra set of photos, or a coupon to a local restaurant/coffee shop/etc that everyone loves! If you need a little inspiration, try this for your next giveaway: “ Want to win a free senior portrait session? Tag a friend who’s graduating and share your favorite memory from high school for a chance to win!”

Conversation Starter #5

Last but not least, conversation starter #5! We are diving into the DM’s for this one. When reaching out through DMs, make sure to personalize your messages to create a genuine connection. After someone engages with your content through the last few tips above, use this template to start a conversation: “Hi [Follower’s Name], thank you for your comment on my recent post. I love your enthusiasm for senior photos! What’s your favorite part of the senior year experience?” This is a great way to start a conversation with someone who has already shown interest by engaging with a previous post or story of yours. It also doesn’t come off as too pushy or salesy. 

5 Conversation Starters to Connect with Clients on Instagram

By using these conversation starters and templates, you’ll be able to engage with your potential clients and their parents more effectively on Instagram. Connecting with parents is just as important, if not more so, as high school seniors themselves often consult with their parents when making photography decisions. Tailor your approach to be informative, respectful, and professional in your interactions with parents.

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5 Conversation Starters to Connect with Clients on Instagram


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