In this post, we’re diving into a quick 2 part series on something I think we could all benefit from, how to address sticky situations with clients! I think it’s safe to say we have all dealt with some sticky situations in our careers. From clients who cross boundaries, ghost, or demand things way out of their package, navigating these conversations can be difficult and intimidating. We are going to dive into 3 sticky situations that I feel are common in the photography industry and a solution to handle each one! I hope this episode leaves you feeling more confident and ready to take on your clients with confidence and grace. Let’s dive into addressing sticky situations with clients – part 1! 

Addressing Sticky Situations with Clients – Part 1

Scenario #1: Location Requests

Okay here is our first scenario. Image you receive this message from one of your clients: “Hey, I found this amazing spot for the photoshoot, but it’s technically off-limits. Can we still shoot there?” It’s not uncommon to encounter this scenario. Your client might have come across a stunning location, but as the responsible photographer, it’s essential to prioritize legality and safety. Firstly, express gratitude for their suggestion and enthusiasm. Then, gently explain that as a professional photographer, you adhere to certain guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety and to uphold the law. Offer alternative locations that align with your standards and are equally picturesque. Remember, transparency is key!

Scenario #2: Requesting a Discount

Our next sticky situation is definitely a tough one to navigate – the dreaded request for a discount. We’ve all been there, and it’s essential to handle it professionally while maintaining the value of your work. A client sends you this message: “I love your work, but your prices are a bit out of my budget. Is there any way we can work out a discount?” How do you respond?

Price negotiations can be uncomfortable, but it’s crucial to stand firm on the value of your services while showing empathy toward your client’s budget concerns. Begin by expressing gratitude for their interest and complimenting their choice of your services. Politely explain the reasons behind your pricing, emphasizing the quality and expertise they will receive. If needed, offer flexible payment plans rather than outright discounts to maintain the perceived value of your work.

Scenario #3: Session Fees

Alright, friends, let’s dive into our third scenario for today, and this one is all about session fees.

You receive this question from a client: “I love the photos, but can we get a few more edits included in the package? And maybe some extra prints too?” At some point, we have all experienced or will experience a client who wants to get an extra bang for the buck. They try to work in a few more perks without having to pay extra. While of course, we want to keep our clients happy, we also can’t overload ourselves or not receive the payment for our work that we deserve. Here are a few tips on responding to a question like this:

Express gratitude for their enthusiasm and appreciation of your work. Politely remind them of the services outlined in the original agreement and the corresponding fees for any additional requests. If they wish to add extra elements, discuss the possibility of customizing a new package tailored to their needs.

Addressing Sticky Situations with Clients Part 1 

And that wraps up Part 1 of “Addressing Sticky Situations with Clients”! I hope you found these strategies helpful in navigating those challenging moments that can come up when you least expect them. Remember, communication is key, and handling these situations with professionalism will strengthen your client relationships.

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Addressing Sticky Situations with Clients – Part 1


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