I adore concept shoots!  They are so much fun and can be so creative!!  So I knew as soon as I heard about this amazing Cinco de Mayo shoot I had to feature it!  What a great concept and the colors are amazing!!!

Carmen of Love Carmen Rose in Texas submitted this beautiful shoot around today’s holiday, Cinco de Mayo.  The clothing, the accessories and the styling was a perfect way to express the concept.  Carmen has some fun tips that can help you put together a fun impromptu concept shoot and not have to spend a ton of time doing it!  The results are fabulous!!  Check out what Carmen had to say about this fun shoot below!


“Are you free tomorrow night to do a quick 30-minute styled shoot?”  That is what my text message read a week ago!  I am the queen of last minute ideas!

This is Sammi.  She drove straight from softball practice to meet me for our Cinco de Mayo photo shoot.  Sammi is one of my five senior models this year and she is most certainly the most exotic looking.  I’ve been so inspired lately by Spanish Architecture, the movie ‘Zoro’ and my new found love for Mexican dresses (I bought two by “La Golondrina” just last week);  Plus I need a tropical vacation like yesterday; Anndd then I realized, thanks to my new updated Apple calendar, Cinco de Mayo was right around the corner.  Yay!  Sammi and I whipped this shoot out in about an hour or less, while playing loud reggae music from my car, which we may or may not have danced to! 🙂


My life-savers when it comes to these types of shoots are:

My favor sunset app:  Rise – this app tells me when the sunset is and when the last light is available!  I plan all my shoots with this.

Snapchat:  we snapped some pics at the end to remind everyone to look for the sneak peeks on instagram!

My Teva flat-forms:  these give me height because I’m a shorty, so when my clients have 4-inch heels on, I have trouble being eye level with them and these help!


Scarves:  I keep a couple in my car.  Creating motion is the best to start my shoots.  It gets my clients to be engaged and using their whole body!  Plus they always look great – wind or no wind!

Shoot Build Up:  The day of the shoot, I always text or snapchat how excited I am about our shoot!  It pumps me up when I see them excited and I think it does the same for them! 🙂




To view more of Carmen’s work check out the following links:

Website:  www.lovecarmenrose.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/lovecarmenrose/timeline


Concept Inspiration – {Cinco de Mayo}

  1. Cindy Chapman says:

    Such a great eye Carmen! You do a great job! So excited that you are featured here!!!

  2. Beautiful captures and the best takaway from this post was the app called ‘Rise’ – a neat way to track the sunlight.

    My favorite photo was where Sammi is looking over to the sky, great shot! All photos are beautiful and giving vibrant colors.

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