is social media enough to get models for senior model team

The short answer is no! ¬†ūüôā ¬†It is not the only thing you should be using to recruit models for your spokesmodel team! ¬†In today’s podcast, I am sharing part one of a live training I did inside the Seniorologie Community on Facebook where I answer some questions of members who wanted to understand why posting about their program was getting them the results they hoped for.

I remember what it was like trying to get people to want to be a part of something new when I first started my spokesmodel program and I understand how hard it can be. ¬†But in the first part of this two-part episode, I am sharing what things you can do in addition to using social media especially in the beginning stages of running ¬†spokesmodel program that will help get models interested. ¬†I am also sharing info that I got straight from my model team to help you with yours!! ¬†That’s right, teenage insight into what they would do if they saw a post on social and how they would react!! ¬†Listen to this episode for all the scoop!

The Seniorologie Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Leslie Kerrigan, creator of Seniorologie, for high school senior photographers.  Whether you are just starting out or you have been photographing seniors for a while, The Seniorologie Podcast is your resource for all things senior photography related.

Highlights from Episode 44:

  • Is posting on social enough to get numbers to apply for team¬†– There are many factors that are in play when it comes to posting on social – the algorithm, your following ( are they only photographers and not teens??) and how active you are on the app. ¬†Be sure you are utilizing social media to the best of your ability in order to see more results and more action on those posts when it comes to model team recruitment.
  • Should I run an ad? – I took this question straight to model team and asked them because after all they are the right age that we are all trying to recruit to our teams! ¬†There answer may surprise you and may help you save some money on those ads!
  • What else should I be doing to get people interested in my team?¬†– When trying to find models for your spokesmodel program, you’ve got to do some work behind the scenes and not just rely on social to get people interested in applying. ¬†I am sharing some ways that will help you get more people interested in your team and apply to be a part of your team!

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Seniorologie Podcast Episode 44 – Is Social Media Enough To Build A Model Team?


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