One of my favorite things as a photography business coach is getting to know my students inside The Seniorologie Semester and seeing them reach their goals!!  The Seniorologie Semester is a senior photography educational program that helps photographers build a successful senior photography business and become the go-to senior photographer in their area.

Some students come into the Semester coaching program with the goal of getting systems set up within their business.  Others come into the Semester with a goal of increasing their prices.  While others come in wanting to create a strategic marketing plan.  And almost every student wants to book more high school senior clients and fill their calendar with the genre they love…SENIORS!

Rebecca came into the Semester ready to create systems that would speak to a higher end senior client because she wanted to offer a luxury experience.  And that is exactly what we worked on together to achieve!

Rebecca Fauver is a senior photographer in Seattle, Washington, and a mom to two cute boys!  She not only wanted to take her business to the next level but she wanted to be a part of a group of like-minded photographers all working to reach similar goals.  And that is the perfect reason to join The Seniorologie Semester!!  You can join the Seniorologie Semester, an educational program to help senior photographers build a successful senior photography business and meet other photographers who are all working to do the same thing!!

I’m pleased to introduce you to Rebecca Fauver of Rebecca Sue Photography!

Rebecca Sue Photography Semester Student Spotlight

Tell Me A Little About Your Photography Business and How/Why You Decided To Focus On Seniors

I have been in business for eight years and doing IPS from the start. I’ve photographed everything from newborns to families, seniors, kids’ milestones, and events. However, what stuck out to me the most about taking senior portraits was most kids have never had an image printed of themselves. The impact it has on their self-esteem and their parents having this special memory documented has been hands down one of my favorite things. Watching the seniors’ faces light up and the parents wipe their eyes in the studio when they see their teens all grown up on screen has been a blessing!

What are some things you have worked on and accomplished inside The Seniorologie Semester?

During my time in the semester, I have fixed my workflow to run smoothly, so I have an automated workflow and allows me to spend time working on other parts of my business. Implemented emails that keep my clients wanting to know more about me and what is happening in my business. Started an Instagram following and grew it to over 1900 in just four months (and it’s still growing). I created my website to avoid paying someone else to do it (I had hired someone who wasn’t doing what I hired them to do so weeks of no website meant no bookings and that had to change fast!).   My website now speaks to a senior client and their parent who are looking for a luxury experience, clients who want prints and products and pre-qualifies my leads which converts more leads to booked clients.  I created multiple magazines to help my clients navigate the senior portrait process. And SO, SO much more! 

Destination senior photo shoot in Palm Springs California at the Seniorologie Semester Reunion Retreat. Photography by Rebecca Sue Photography.

What are you currently working on for your business?

Currently, I am working my way through the senior season. I live in Washington State, and most yearbook deadlines are in Oct/Nov. During the slow season, however, I plan on diving into the things that didn’t work this year to streamline them better for next year. I want to take care of them immediately so that next year, they’ll already be in place, and I won’t run into the same issues. I must also redo some of my magazines and get them all to the printers before next year’s rush. I also plan on writing most of my social media content and blog posts and working on a few more pages on my website to gain more followers earlier for my 2025′ grads! (Tip: doing this in Dec, Jan & Feb is great… you don’t have to think about it for the rest of the year!)

What have you seen a huge difference in since being inside The Semester?

So Much! My website is one of them. My clients love it! It’s informative, and I have several links to different things in my automated emails for them to do during the process. It’s all laid out and super easy to navigate. A few of my clients have told me they love how informed they are this year because the emails are so nicely laid out, and they know exactly what is coming next. They don’t have to worry about a thing! (I also don’t have to schedule them; they can do it all themselves!)- Thanks, Leslie! 
Here are some of the other things that have had a huge impact on my business as well… Scheduling, email marketing, automated emailing, pre-written content, monthly meetups to roll ideas off of each other, and the AMAZING group of women that I have become friends with in this lonely world of working for yourself. I love getting pumped up by some of my favorite ladies! There is nothing like their support!

What advice would give to other photographers who are looking to take their business to the next level or photographers who may be stuck and unsure what to do next?

Hands down, educating yourself as a business owner is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. You also have to be willing to put in the hard work. Will it cost some bucks? Yes, but I guarantee you will see a return on that investment within your first big sale. Business is hard, but find yourself an educator who you resonate with and learn from them! If you feel like you are in a rut, take your next steps to grow; you’re already there if you’re even thinking about it! Investing in your business is investing in your sanity!!

Follow Rebecca and her journey at the links below..

Website:  Rebecca Sue Photography

Instagram: @rebeccasuephotography

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