As photographers, our goal is to create images that not only freeze a moment in time but also tell a story about who our subjects are. In this post, we’re going to explore techniques for capturing the unique personalities of high school seniors! Whether they’re introverted, extroverted, artistic, athletic, or academic, there are some tips and tricks to help you along the way. Let’s dive into how to capture every personality!

How to Capture Every Personality

The Beauty of Personalities

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s take a moment to appreciate the diversity of high school seniors. High school seniors, with their varying interests, backgrounds, and personalities, offer us a rich canvas to work with. One of the things I love most about my job is getting to know people. I love meeting new people, creating new friendships, and just building relationships. Chances are, you probably enjoy that same aspect of your career as a photographer! 

The best shots we can capture are those candid ones where our clients are comfortable, relaxed, and just being themselves. Now remember these are general descriptions of personalities, not every single person fits into one of these boxes! I challenge you to take what you learn and see how you can apply it to help connect with your clients in a new and better way. 

Capturing Introverts

The first personality type we’ll explore today is the introverted senior. These individuals often prefer quieter, more intimate settings. And they probably don’t love having the focus on themselves. As with any client, it is crucial to make them feel comfortable. Here are a few ideas to help connect with your more introverted clients, even before the shoot!

Start by having a one-on-one conversation, perhaps during a pre-shoot consultation. This will help you understand their interests and what makes them tick. Another technique for introverted seniors is to choose locations that resonate with them, like a cozy coffee shop, a serene park, or even their own room. Locations are everything. I would also recommend utilizing soft, natural lighting and taking candid shots to capture their genuine expressions! It might take a few shots to warm up your clients and get them comfortable with the camera. Keep that in mind as you are getting started! 

The Bold Extroverted Personalities

Now, let’s shift our focus to extroverted seniors. These are the outgoing, energetic individuals who thrive in social settings! These clients sometimes come into sessions with their own ideas and are often a little bit more comfortable with the camera. If you find out your client wants to get creative with their shots, don’t be afraid to think a little bit outside of the box! Group shots with friends or dynamic action shots can be great options for outgoing clients! Consider including some friends and family. Or even offer a group rate if they want to combine sessions with a friend or two.

I would consider utilizing those more busy, but fun location options like vibrant city streets with unique murals, a fun park, or whatever sparks the client’s interests. Remember, every client is different, but don’t be afraid to take some leaps and incorporate some fun new elements into these types of sessions! 

The Artists

Next, we have artistic seniors! These clients often have a deep connection with creativity and self-expression, which can make your job so much fun. When you have your pre-session consultations, ask questions about their interests and find out what ways they express their creativity. Encourage them to bring props, instruments, supplies, etc. that showcase their personality and interests. If they are a musician, absolutely incorporate that into their session. If they love pottery, consider shooting them behind the wheel! Explore unique angles and experiment with lighting wherever you choose to shoot to create some unique and stunning shots.

The Athletes

Next on the agenda, let’s talk about our athletic seniors! Athletic seniors are all about movement and strength. They have worked hard throughout their educational years to develop their skills, and better their sport. Senior athletes are facing the challenges of either stepping into collegiate sports or giving up something they love to focus on in their next phase of life. I think it is so important to honor senior athletes through their photos and capture the monumental moments of their high school careers! 

If you find out your client is an athlete, discuss the idea of shooting them in their uniform or maybe in their letterman jacket. Discuss location options on the field, the track, etc. Use action shots to highlight their skills, or opt for dramatic shots showcasing their determination and focus! 

Your seniors and their parents will thank you for these captured memories! 

The Academic Seniors

Lastly, let’s talk about the academically focused seniors! Academic seniors tend to be goal-oriented and intellectually driven. This could be your honor roll student, your valedictorian, or a student who is heading off to a big-name school! For them, incorporating books, graduation caps, or academic settings like libraries can be meaningful. Capture their dedication to their studies and the anticipation of their next academic journey.

Additional Tips

Remember, when working with high school seniors of any personality type, communication is key. Listen to their ideas, be flexible, and encourage them to express themselves during the shoot. Make it a collaborative process, and you’ll capture their true essence beautifully. Invest in high-quality equipment. The right camera and lenses can make a significant difference in the quality of your photos. But remember, you don’t have to invest in EVERYTHING out there. Just find what works for you! 

Consider your post-processing techniques. The right editing can enhance your images and give them a unique touch that aligns with your style and your client’s preferences. Never stop learning and growing as a photographer. Attend workshops, take online courses, and stay updated with the latest photography trends. The more you know, the better you can serve your clients.

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How To Capture Every Personality


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