How many outfits per session is the perfect number?  That probably varies depending on the photographer and the session they are offering.  But how, as the photographer, do you decide?

For me, when I first started, it was unlimited within the time frame of the session.  The only problem with that is that sometimes that would make the session run over and I found that my clients really like numbers.  So I started paying attention during my sessions to see what I realistically had time for and discovered what my magic number is.

For my business, I offer three different session types each with a longer session time and more options.  But for my basic session type it is 1 to 1.5 hours long and the magic number of outfits for that session seems to be three.  Taking into account time to get to the location and time to change and time to take a good amount of photos per outfit, three outfits fits perfectly for the time allowed.  The longer session types allow for more outfits but by keeping each session to a specific time, I know I am giving my senior clients the session they paid for.

So what three outfits do I suggest for my seniors?  I tell my seniors to plan on something dressy, something casual and then something fun!  Now what does that mean??  For me, I like for my clients to bring a variety of things.  Something dressy gives them a glamorous feel, something casual is probably closer to what they typically wear and something they feel completely comfortable in and something fun is a chance to showcase their personality!  I think a senior photo shoot should have an element of classic and a bit of fun. No one person has one style profile – it is typically a mixture – and by bringing a variety of items within those three outfits allows seniors to express themselves.

Defining “something fun” can be challenging but I like to think of it is an opportunity to be a little more trendy or a little more bold.  If you like vintage styles, create a vintage look for your “something fun.”  If you want to make a statement with a graphic tee, pair it with something like a skirt and fun accessories.  If you love to sparkle, this outfit is the one to let shine!  Think outside the box when it comes to your “something fun” outfit and above all else…have FUN with it!!

Below are three inspiration boards – one for something dressy, one for something casual and one for something fun!  Pairing one outfit from each of these boards would make for a perfect senior photo session!  Three different boards with three different looks that will inspire seniors to showcase different sides of their style personality!  Check it out and be sure to share it with your seniors!  Be sure to tell your seniors information about how many outfits work for each of your session types so they can be prepared!

How many outfits do you allow for your senior sessions?  We would love to hear from you in the comments below!




Something Dressy


Something Casual


Something Fun


Senior Style – {How Many Outfits Per Session}

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    Really liked it.

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    I am transitioning into senior photography and I am starting from scratch, this is just what I needed to gear me in the right direction.

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