You are so excited to enter an image contest, but how do you decide which images?  How do you know what they are looking for?  What will get the judges attention?  Well, Seniorologie, along with Get Schooled Photo, is hosting its second big Image Contest and we want to give you some tips to help you decide what images to enter.  After you have read these tips and decided on your images, visit our submission page to enter this contest.  Just click here!

This year’s Image Contest has 8 categories:

Best All Around – This category is for the all-around great senior image.  One that shows your unique style and one that shows the senior in a beautiful way.

Best Senior Girl – This category is for senior girl photos only.  Show off your favorite image that captures a senior girl in a beautiful way.

Best Senior Guy – This category is for senior boy photos only.  Time to show off those guys!!

Best Senior Group – This category is for at least two or more seniors.  This is the perfect category to enter BFF session photos or Senior Model photos.

Best Style/Concept – This category is for your most creative themed shoots.  Enter your most creative photos and make sure they showcase a specific theme or concept.

Best Use of Prop – This category is for those photos that showcase a prop.  Whether that is a musical instrument or sports item or just a hobby that the senior is passionate about and you used something to illustrate that hobby, enter those photos that show off seniors and props.

Best Use of Light – This category are for those light seekers.  Whether you use natural light only or artificial light, enter photos that scream light.

Most Inspiring – This category is for those images that evoke emotion or mood or have a unique perspective that can inspire others.

After you have reviewed the categories and read what they are all about, it’s time to go through your images. Picking images that fit in well with the categories and demonstrate that categories guidelines is key.

Besides making sure the category matches the image, there are few other tips below to help you determine what images to enter.

Follow the rules – make sure to read through the rules carefully and make sure to upload images according to the specific competition you are entering.  In our case, make sure the senior is either in the class of 2013 or 2014, the image was not taken at a workshop or shoot out and the size of the image uploaded is less than 2000 px.  See contest page for more detailed rules.

Be Technical – make sure your image is technically at it’s best.  You may love the image, but if it isn’t in focus, don’t submit.

Look to the Past – Seniorologie has had an image contest before and those images could provide some inspiration as to what judges have looked for in the past.  Also, check out the judges and their work.  It may give you some insight into what they like and could be looking for.  For the 2012 Seniorologie Image Contest, click here.

This year’s judges are – Amii Wroblewski of Amii Wroblewski Photography, Lexi Vornberg of Lexi Vornberg Photography and Lemonade & Lenses, Ryan Towe of Ryan Towe Photography, Courtney DeLaura of Get Schooled Photo, Caitlin Lazo of Pro DPI and Leslie Kerrigan of Seniorologie.

Set Yourself Apart – Choose an image that matches the category but maybe isn’t expected for that category.  An image that stands out from the rest will grab the judges attention.

Don’t Over-process – Editing is to enhance the image not fix the image.  Make sure your editing techniques don’t over-shadow the image.  Of course you need to stick to your style but make sure that style doesn’t distract from the image.

Think before you submit – Make sure to really check your images, look through them thoroughly and double check before you submit.

Here are a few tips from some of our judges of this year’s contest:


Tip Tuesday – {Submitting Images to an Image Contest}


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