Today we’re diving into a hot topic…trends! Trends in senior photography can be both exciting and challenging. On the one hand, staying current with the latest styles and techniques can help you attract clients and stand out in a crowded market. On the other hand, you don’t want to lose your unique voice and the personal touch that makes your work special. So, let’s break down whether it’s worth it to be trendy or not to be trendy! 

To be Trendy or Not to be Trendy

Natural Light Trends

Let’s start by talking about some current trends in senior photography styles. One trend that’s been consistently popular is natural light photography. Seniors and their families often love the soft, flattering look of natural light. Consider scheduling sessions during the golden hour, just before sunset, for that warm and magical glow.

Environmental and Editorial Trends

Another trend is we’re seeing a lot of environmental portraits. These photos capture seniors in meaningful locations, like their favorite park, sports field, or even their high school. It adds a personal touch and tells a story about their high school experience. An editorial-style portrait is also on the rise. This involves creating images with a fashion or magazine-like feel. It’s all about creating artistic, high-end images that make your senior clients feel like models.

Navigating Style Trends

Now some of these style trends may fit into your personal photography style already, which is great! As I always say, the most important part about growing your photography business is staying true to you, and letting your personal style and technique shine for your clients. That is what makes you stand out from the crowd! But of course, there is always going to be that pull to stay relevant and on-trend with what everyone else is doing, especially with whatever the clients are requesting. So, how can you incorporate these styles while maintaining your personal touch? It’s all about finding a balance. 

Customize for Each Senior

Every session doesn’t have to be a copy and paste of the last one! Instead, tailor your approach to each senior’s personality and interests. If you have a senior who really loves the look of natural light, book their session in a great location for light exposure and at the perfect time of day. If you have a senior who wants an editorial, fashion-style shoot, take them downtown and grab some unique shots! This will make your work feel more personal and custom to your seniors. And, it will go a long way in how your clients feel about their time with you. It is 100% possible to tailor sessions to the desires of your clients while still keeping your own flair. 

Pre Session Consultation 

Something you have most likely heard me talk about before is the value of pre-session consultations. Having a pre-session consultation is a great way to understand your senior’s vision. Ask about their style preferences, favorite locations, and any props or outfits they want to include. By doing this, you can really learn what trends or elements are important to your senior to incorporate, and then allow yourself the time in advance to plan how you want to incorporate those things! Remember, it’s all about finding balance. Your sessions are a combination of your personality, talent, ability, and skillset with your client’s personality and interests! There should be a collaborative element in the way you plan to showcase not only your photography skills, but also what your client is all about. 

Editing Techniques

Now, let’s talk about what’s trending in editing techniques. Editing can greatly influence the mood and style of your senior portraits. Here are some editing trends to consider:

  • The matte finish is timeless and popular among seniors. It gives photos a soft, dreamy look. But remember, don’t overdo it – you want to maintain skin tones and details!
  • Film-inspired editing has made a comeback! It adds a nostalgic, timeless quality to photos, which many seniors appreciate. I don’t personally use film-inspired editing often in my own photos, but I do LOVE this trend and think it can be so beautiful for the right senior-styled shoot! 
  • And lastly, I am seeing a lot of experimenting with color grading to set the mood. Moody, desaturated tones can give photos a unique, edgy feel. This might be a fun option to incorporate for those seniors who are a little more edgy with their style!

A great way to incorporate these editing techniques while preserving your personal style, develop your own signature editing presets. This way, you can apply trends in a way that’s unique to you, and you have different options ready to go to make your editing process a whole lot quicker! Just remember, one preset is going to work on every photo. Different skin tones, hair colors, backgrounds, lighting, etc. will require unique presents. If you want to start stacking up on your present options, make sure that you make a few different options for each style so you don’t find yourself starting from scratch when editing client photos! 

Props and Accessories

 Props can add a creative touch to your senior sessions! Here are some trends that we are seeing in this area:

  • Flower crowns are still popular for a boho-chic look. They can add a touch of whimsy and romance to your photos. Personally, I think these can be so fun when doing an outdoorsy, feminine shoot! 
  • Letter boards are another fun way to incorporate personal messages or graduation year into your shots. They add a playful and sentimental element.
  • If your senior is into sports, consider incorporating their gear, like a soccer ball or basketball, into the session. It can showcase their passions and talents!

When using props, remember that less is often more. Don’t let props overpower the image – they should complement and enhance the senior’s personality.

Maintaining Your Personal Touch

As we wrap up our discussion on incorporating trends, remember that your personal touch is what sets you apart. Don’t be afraid to infuse your unique style and perspective into each session. Stay informed about industry trends but adapt them in a way that aligns with your style and vision. Invest in education and workshops to enhance your skills. The better you are, the more confidently you can incorporate trends. Now it’s time to turn the focus on you! Are you incorporating trends into your own photography sessions? If not, try incorporating one of the ideas we talked about today, and see how it goes! You might just find your next favorite photography piece!

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To be Trendy or Not to be Trendy


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