The holidays are approaching quickly and the month of November makes us all think about what we are thankful for.  But how can we give back as photographers?  How can we make someone’s life a little better?  That is what today’s Topic Tuesday is all about…Giving the gift of Photography!

Sometimes photography is taken for granted.  We photograph people all the time but do we stop to think about what we are really doing….capturing memories.  When you think about it like that, it means much more.  Our talent can be used for such good and being able to give someone the gift of photography really allows us to use our talent to the best of its ability.

One company that does a great job of giving back is Fotolanthropy.  Fotolanthropy, a non-profit company, was created by Katie Norris who had a vision of giving back the gift of photography and focusing on preserving memories and not just taking photos.  Through Fotolanthropy, Katie has been able to give children and their parents, families, soldiers and more the gift of lasting memories through photography.  The stories that she has shared on her website are inspiring and move everyone that reads them.

Katie has a second company called Fotostrap that works hand in hand with Fotolanthropy.  Fotostrap creates and sells beautiful camera straps for photographers in a wide range of colors and styles.  A portion of every sale of Fotostrap is given to Fotolanthropy.  These straps are high quality, beautiful and stylish.  They are a must have for all you photographers out there!!

To learn more about Fotolanthropy, Fotostrap and how you can help give the gift of photography to someone you know, check out the interview with Katie below.  She shares some of her favorite stories, what they mean to her and how you can get involved!

And as always on Topic Tuesdays, we would love to hear from you!  How have you helped give the gift of photography or how will you give that gift to families this holiday season?  Share your thoughts and comments below or on Facebook!  Join the conversation!!

Topic Tuesday – {Giving Back}

  1. […] Last month when I was in Texas, I met up with some friends to chat, have breakfast and have a great time.  Over huge, Texas-sized lattes (mine was a yummy snickers latte that I still dream about) at a little cafe in Dallas, four women laughed, talked and brainstormed.  One of those women I had the pleasure of hanging out with was Katie Norris of Fotolanthropy.  I introduced y’all to Katie this week during Topic Tuesday.  If you missed it, check out the video here. […]

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