This question was just asked in The Seniorologie Tour Austin Attendee private Facebook group and I thought it would be a great post for today’s Topic Tuesday!

What to include is important and I will address that in this post but maybe, even more importantly is why do you send a welcome packet in the first place?? When I first began as a photographer, I was always reactive to my clients.  Answering their questions as they came instead of educating them up front to eliminate the need for questions.  I realized that if I educated them prior to them even booking a session, then they could make a decision based on the information and choose me because they felt confident in me as a photographer.  Educating them on the process really helped me be proactive instead of reactive.

By sending out a welcome packet, as well as a welcome magazine, whether digital or in the mail, is a great way to keep your clients informed, educated and present them with a professional pack of information.  They may still have a few questions but by giving them this information up front, you have been able to keep questions to a minimum while giving them the information they need to make their decision.

So what is a welcome packet?  Well in my business I have two welcome items…the welcome magazine which is a digital magazine sent to all inquiries that details the way senior sessions work, what they can expect, products available and pricing.  This allows me to inform my potential clients so that they know what they are booking before they are booking it.  No more, “I didn’t know this cost so much” or “I didn’t know this was what was involved.”  They know if I am the photographer for them or if I am not.

The second piece of the welcome items for my business is a welcome packet.  This is a packet of info that is mailed to my clients once they have booked a session.  This gives clients information to help them get ready for the session they booked.

There are many different things you can include in your welcome packet.  Here are a few ideas on things you can include:

1.  A What to Wear Guide (and we just so happen to have one for sale!) 🙂  This is a great way to help your seniors get ready for their session because we all know they want to know What to Wear!!

2.  A coupon or discount card to a local boutique.  If you partner with a boutique in your town, then advertising for them is a great way to help your seniors find the perfect clothes for their sessions.  The boutique I partner with created postcards with a 20% off discount for my clients.  I put one postcard for the boutique in each Welcome Packet I send out.

3.  Appointment Reminder Card – This is just like when your hair stylist gives you a card with your appointment date and time written on there so you remember when to come back!  Make sure to include details such as date, time, and where to meet.  I usually meet my clients at my hair and makeup artists studio so that is the address I give them for where to meet.

4.  Checklist – This is a great thing to include to give your clients a checklist of things to do or to remember before their sessions.  Things like iron your clothes, get a manicure, don’t flat iron your hair because it won’t curl as easily, etc.  Anything you think they will benefit from, include it on a checklist.

5.  Gift – This can be anything!  The sky is the limit!  I like to include a little something to get them excited about their session or something they can use during their session.  Things like chapstick, lint clothes, lip gloss, hair ties, or even a Starbucks Gift Card!

There are so many things you can do to help educate and inform your clients!  We would love to hear what you include in your Welcome Packets!  Comment below and let us know what your favorite item is!

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Topic Tuesday – {What's in a Welcome Packet?}

  1. I’m excited for this study hall class! One thing I put in my welcome packet is a rewards card. This tells clients the different ways they can earn credit toward their ordering session by marketing for me!

  2. Great post and great ideas!

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