The Third Annual Seniorologie Image Contest – The People’s Choice Awards

Seniorologie is an inspirational and educational blog dedicated to the study of high school senior portrait photography. We strive to highlight photographers all over the world with exceptional talent to inspire others.

For the past three years, Seniorologie has hosted image contests and we have seen amazing talent! But this year we wanted to do something a little different. We wanted to host an image contest that not only showcased amazing talent but would also allow us as photographers to gain knowledge and insight and be educational.

We brainstormed. Stepped away and came back to brainstorm some more. Then I got a text from one of our beloved Seniorologie Tour Speakers, Misti Davis of Pink Fly Photography, with an idea! We chatted, consulted another Seniorologie Tour Speaker, Courtney DeLaura, for more brainstorming and came up with a new way to do the Seniorologie Image Contest!

We are calling it the Seniorologie People’s Choice Senior Awards! So, what makes this contest unique and different from the rest? Well the winners of this contest will be chosen by the PEOPLE!


What people you ask?

Teens!! These are the people we are photographing. These are the people we are marketing to. So why not have them as judges in this image contest so that we can not only find inspirational and exceptional talent but to also gain insight into what our target market is attracted to?

Parents!!! These are the people with the money! 🙂 They make the decisions and they purchase the photos that we are selling! So why not have them choose their favorite images so we gain insight into what parents want to purchase?

Pros!! These are the people that know the technical stuff! Is it in focus? Is it edited correctly? We have to have pros to determine the photos that are technically correct. But not just any pro. Not just a list of senior photographers who know the photos (and the photographers) that are being entered, watermark or not. But rather a group of professionals in the industry but not necessarily senior photographers. For instance, a professional from a popular lab, a wedding photographer, and maybe even a successful teen photographer.

Please make sure to follow each of our amazing pro judges at the following links:

Justin & Mary Marantz – Instagram & Twitter – @marymarantz and @justinmarantz

Facebook –

Promise Tangeman – Instagram & Twitter – @promisetangeman and @golivehq

Arlene Evans of Creative Live – Instagram & Twitter – @creativelive

Caitlin Lazo of Pro DPI – Instagram & Twitter – @prodpi

Spanki Mills – Instagram & Twitter – @spankimills

In an effort to create a contest that was non-biased and as fair as possible, we chose people who were in the industry (the pros), people who senior photographers market to (the teens) and people who purchased the photos (the parents).

There will be 10 amazing categories to enter your images. Three winners in each category will be chosen…Teen’s Choice, Parent’s Choice, Pro’s Choice winners will be different in every category which means that 30 individual photographers will win!

No popularity contest here! Each of the three winners in each of the 10 categories will be chosen by a panel – The Teen Panel will choose the Teen’s Choice Award in each category; The Parent Panel will choose the Parent’s Choice Award in each category; The Pro Panel will choose the Pro’s Choice Award in each category.

So what are these amazing categories? Here is the List:

Black and White
BFF Sessions (two seniors)
Concept (must have a clear concept or theme)
Senior Girl
Senior Guy
Special Interest or Hobby (dancing, instruments, etc)
Studio Lighting or OCF
Senior Model Shoot – (group shots of senior spokesmodels)

You may enter one image or several. Entering more than one image per category will allow your work to be seen and considered in each category. However, the same photographer will not win in several categories. Max number of entries is 10, which allows you to enter one per category, 10 in one category or whatever combination you wish.

The Seniorologie People’s Choice Awards will run from Tuesday, November 18, 2014 until December 31, 2014. This allows you to enter as much as you want and gives you time to go out and shoot those amazing images to enter if you need to! Winners will be announced January 30, 2015 on the blog.

Each of the 30 winners will receive:

– A Digital Button to display on your website or blog to let everyone know you are a Seniorologie People’s Choice Award Winner

– An 11×14 Foam Print of the winning image courtesy of Pro DPI to display for all your clients to see

– Blog Post Featuring the Winners on

– Any Website Design, Blog Design or Product in the Go Live HQ Design Shop by Promise Tangeman (services not included)

– A Copy of The Guide by Justin and Mary Marantz

– An Album Template from Spanki Mills

Submission Guidelines:

All images must be of a Class of 2014 or Class of 2015 High School Senior
All images must be high resolution images and saved as your business name and the category you are submitting that image for with the number of which that image is. Example: seniorologieconcept1.jpg or seniorologieconcept2.jpg
All images must be submitted via the People’s Choice Awards Image Contest Form
All images MUST NOT BE WATERMARKED!! Any images that contain a watermark or business name will be disqualified!
You must have a signed release from the subject in the image giving you permission to submit the image to this contest, blog and publication. Please attach this release to the entry form when entering this contest.
Vertical, Horizontal, Close Up, Full Body, Three-quarters, girls or guys are accepted.
All images submitted must be received via the entry form by 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time on December 31, 2014. Any images received after this deadline will not be considered. Please check your local time to see what time 11:59 PM Eastern Time is for your area.
Images submitted from workshops or shoot out events will not be considered.
Images will be narrowed down then given to the three panels for them to score the images based on a point system. The images with the most points will be awarded. The decisions made by the panel are final.
You must be the owner of the image or images submitted. By submitting images, you are granting Seniorologie permission to publish these images on the blog, social media and the look book.
No refunds will be given for any reason.

How do you enter?
To enter, you must fill out the Entry Form HERE.

The Entry Form with have a list of options like the list below.  Depending on the number of images you enter, the price will vary.  See the list below to know how much.

1 Image…$5
3 Images…$7
5 Images…$10
10 Images…$15

The Seniorologie People's Choice Awards

  1. Erin says:

    Are you required to have an instagram to enter this contest?

heck, yes i do!

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